Persian Kebabs


A few days ago, I had a deep craving for some kebabs. So, I decided to make some. I looked up a recipe and it called for saffron, which I recall being a very expensive spice.

AND IT IS TRUE! I had paid $22 for 0.06 oz, meaning this spice goes up to around $300/oz! WOW. I had to take a picture, I was excited.


The ingredients included Greek yogurt, cubed chicken breasts, onions, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I combined the ingredients in one bowl, and let it sit overnight. I also mixed the meat every once in a while, to get the juices flowin, nice and evenly.


Next, I made the Saffron-lemon butter mixture, to baste the meat when it was grilling. DSC_1022

Now, grilling the meat in the ice cold temperatures, with snow on the ground. It was so COLD outside!!! But, nothing stops me and food.


Here is the final entree! Accompanied with a steamed, then grilled tomato, bay leaf jasmine rice, and my mother to enjoy the meal. 🙂



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