New York City: Where Anything is Possible


This whole trip started with curiosity. I was sitting on the couch watching The Chew, and thought, “hey! maybe I can get some tickets!”. So I searched it up online, and reserved two tickets. I was first put onto waitlist, then 2 days later, I received an email I was put into Group A. Then 2 nights before the taping, I received an email we were upgraded to Priority Group. Fancyyyyyyyyy. So, to make it short, we left the DMV on January 12, 2015 at night. Then we woke up reallllly early to make it to the ABC Studios at 7:30 am. Wow! We got in line at 7:10 am, and the line was already long. Boy, were we excited! We even took some pictures!


Then, 5 minutes later someone asked, “Is this the line for The Chew?”

A reply, “No, it’s for Michael and Kelly.” DANG ITTTTT.

We then ran to the correct line. Which was pretty short. But once we received our ticket, we were number 54 & 55. We would’ve had a smaller number if we payed a little more attention to detail.


We are then escorted to the waiting room. Nothing fancy, just a center table with water and granola bars. There were barely any seats left, but we found enough seats for us behind a pillar.
THEN, one of the employees came to us. She asked if we would like to be on Stand-By for the Tasting audience. ofcourse!!! Only one person could do it she said. So my cousin, Kim, said I could go, but the employee took both of our names just in case. She said to meet her at the entrance exit. Which is what we did.

We were once again escorted, but now on the set. And she said to me “you can sit at the very end”, and told Kim, “you can sit next to her”. OHMYGOSHHHH WE WERE BOTH THERE TOGETHER! AHHHHHHHHHH. We were so HAPPY!!! How could the employee find us behind the pillar?! CRAZZYYYY.


Our view:


It was fun! We had to practice laughing and fake laughing. When all the tasters were seated, Daphne Oz, Dr. Oz’s daughter gave us all a handshake. She was very sweet to do so. The other hosts (Mario Batali, Michael Symon, and Clinton Kelly) also greeted us. The theme of the episode was Sweet n’ Skinny Snacks with guest star Shay Mitchell. It aired on January 13 at 1pm, aka the same day. We couldn’t watch it. but we got a lot of camera time in the beginning. 🙂

The Sweet Potato brownies were delicious and the sesame seed brittle on the sorbet was one of my favorites. I had an AWESOME TIME! LOVED IT. and I was able to give Carla Hall, one of the hosts my peanut butter. I am very lucky to have such an extraordinary experience. 🙂


carlapband this is taken from Carla Hall’s instagram (@carlaphall) page: Can you spot me? 😀


You can find more about the recipes from The Chew and watch our featured episode, by clicking here.


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