A Smile Among the Pile of Textbooks



Hello, hello. Long time, no blog. I’ve recently started my new semester at UMD, and boy, this campus is big! I do enjoy the large amount of walking and always seeing new faces. In addition, I am one who does NOT take naps. Last time I took a nap was in High School; I fell asleep while watching “My Wife and Kids”- awesome show. where the reruns at- around 5pm. I then woke up to the sunset, ofcourse I confused it with the sunrise, and rushed to wipe off the drool from my face and to get ready for another day of school. Luckily, I had just waken up from a nap. My naps arent that intense, but I am napping now….weird. This morning, I opened my email and heard back from Carla Hall’s assistant! She wrote: Capture5 I AM SO GLAD THAT SHE ENJOYED THE PEANUT BUTTER! AND THAT I GOT AN EMAIL BACK! In addition, she was kind enough to make and attach a photo. AND CARLA COMMENTED ON MY INSTAPIC šŸ™‚ Photo Collage Maker_kJeZhL Thank you SO MUCH MS.CARLA HALL! (and do I spy Michael Symon in the top right?)


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