Happy Spring Break ya’ll! But its supposed to snow tomorrow….so…….

This week was full of excitement and stress. On Tuesday, March 17, I turned 20! Wow, no more teen years. They are now a past, and I now have a new decade to look forward too. But before I look too far into the future, school has got me stressin on spring break!

I am crammed with assignments, presentations, and group work that are all due when I get back; and in order to do well on those things, I have to work on it during spring break. 😦 Enough of the pity party and back to the food.

My friend Olivia came over and we made some California rolls. If I can’t travel to California for break, I’ll make Cali inspired food, and it is super duper easy. The sticky brown rice is first steamed then flavored with sesame oil, sugar and vinegar. In the California roll goes julienne carrots and cucumbers. I then fired egg and sliced it, and added some sliced avocado. Then roll and roll! Yummy, fresh, healthy, and delicious. 🙂

The chicken katsu is panko breaded chicken breasts. I first pounded the chicken to until it was an inch thick; then I seasoned it with salt and pepper. The breasts are then floured, put into an egg wash, then panko breaded and fried! Simple!




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