It’s Been a Long Time


Why hello there! Long time, no view. I have been a busy bee at school lately and have been slacking on my updating and cooking. In college, it is so easy to just grab something pre-packaged that is probably full of trans fat and sodium, and that was what I have been doing this past semester..eek!!!

Well, I decided to try something new. New as in HEALTHY (which I’ve been in and out with) and ordering food from ONLINE (gasp!). So I decided to order an entree from Plated.Com.

The cheapest plates costs $12/each. I ordered the Trout Teriyaki with Carrot-Ginger Dressing Salad entree. The contents in the delivery box that you get right at your doorstep include-

the cooking directions (thankfully!):

DSC_0518And all of the ingredients (not shown is the trout, which they do provide!):


I found all the ingredients to be fresh and clean. The directions were also easy to follow. After taking the pictures, it was go time! and about 15 minutes later…….



The trout was flaky and had a sweet flavor from the teriyaki sauce. It was extremely easy to cook and preapre. I just had to marinate the trout and put in the broiler for 7-8 minutes.

The sesame oil from in the dressing was not overpowering, rather it complimented the miso paste and the fresh grated ginger. The fresh cherry tomatoes provided a juicy burst with the earthy carrots and the crunchy butter lettuce. was treat to order from! I have one more plate waiting for me in the fridge. I am excited to get it cookin and share it with you. Until next time!

And if you are interested in ordering from, here is a (referral..hehe) link!


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