Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe


So I am really digging the slogan on my shirt from sweetgreen. I just find it so punny and relevant to this post’s main dish (a.k.a vegetarian). Not to mention, sweetgreen has awesome salads.

When I am not eating out, I look into the fridge and to my surprise, I have another meal! This one was Coconut Black Rice with Spring Vegetables and a Wasabi Vinagrette~ yummmm.

By the way, writing this post is super duper hard for me, because I am sooo tired.  I have put this post aside for so long, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves~ I mean pictures are worth 1000+ words.


The ingredients included in the kit.


The soy sauce fishy is so cute! It reminds me of what they serve on airplanes.DSC_0531Fresh vegetables!

DSC_0532Boiling the forbidden rice in a strainer with lemon grass.


Drizzled with a wasabi vinagrette!DSC_0537

My take: It was different. Tee coconut tasted a bit weird with the wasabi. The artichoke wasn’t the most ideal vegetable for this combination. Forbidden rice is good, but the whole flavor of the entree was unique and seemed suited for a certain palate. What I did enjoy was the texture of the crisp snap peas with the creamy rice. I must say, the colors of plate was very vibrant and beautiful.


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