Review: Sisters Thai



So for today’s adventure, I decided to try something new (both with my blog and the restaurant). My brother had recommended me to starting blogging my food adventures, and I thought that wasn’t such a bad idea to do. So, I grabbed my parents’ DSLR (lol) and headed to Fairfax, VA to grab some Thai grub.

My GPS brought me to Old Town Fairfax, which I’ve never been before. The area is cute and quant, reminiscent of old colonial time. Then I see Sisters Thai at the corner of Main St and University Dr. The restaurant is so nice! The seating is limited, but the wait is reasonable (about 10 mins) at lunch on a Wednesday afternoon. The interior is decorated with pastel colors, giving off a calming and sweet vibe to the place~ makes me want to have a tea party!




The menus are definitely unique. Sisters Thai uses Smash Journals as their menu holder, meaning each menu has a creative background page to go along with it.



& for today’s meal, we decided to go for the (surprisingly) cheap lunch special: (1) appetizer and (1) entree for only $7.95!


The crispy wontons were okay. The chicken filling/paste was very minimal, but flavorful. The spring rolls were crunchy, taste, and moist.


Another appetizer was the Tom Yum soup with chicken. The lemongrass soup is sweet, sour, and tangy. The soup is balanced out when eaten with the chicken and mushrooms. There was also a little kick of heat after every slurp.


You can never go wrong with Chicken Pad Thai! It was sweet, and salty. The noodle itself were cooked well and were just a tad bit chewy. The drunken noodles were good. I felt like it was overwhelming cooked in soy sauce. The noodles were slimy and smooth~ meaning perfect.


And dessert was my favorite. Coconut sticky rice with fresh mango:


I have seen people eat this dessert on TV and was always eager to taste it. I loved it! The rice was very chewy, but the coconut milk added a creaminess to it. The mango was sweet and soft, and when eaten with the rice, it tasted divine. I would come back for the dessert.

Overall: I would come back and try something new of of the “Thai Street Food” menu. I think the location and decor of the restaurant is different from the norm and should be given a chance. The staff is friendly and attentive. Next time you loop around 495, take a stop in Old Town Fairfax and eat at Sisters Thai, it’ll be worth the trip.


until next time with the cousin sisters at Sisters Thai!


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