Channeling Julia Child: Supremes de Volaille a blanc

Bonjour mes amis!

So this summer, I have decided to take a stab at Julia Child’s The French Chef Cookbook, and I am excited to go on this journey and share it with you!!  This cookbook contains recipes from her t.v. episodes and acts as a preliminary of her other book, Mastering the Technique of French Cooking.


So the first recipe starts with Episode 14: Supremes de Volaille a blanc. . . a.k.a Chicken Breasts poached in butter; with Wine and cream sauce; sounds much fancier in French. The chicken breasts are also served with risotto and aromatic vegetables (recipes take from the same episode).


In all honesty, I am surprised that this was pretty easy to make! & I am glad I found it easy because the difficulty of the recipes begin to grow with each episode..eek! Although I tried to stay true to what the recipe calls, I did not.

I was not able to get the wine, fresh thyme, and bay leaves for the risotto. I used dry bay leaves instead, and the risotto still tasted awesome. I can’t believe I cooked a chicken breast by poaching in butter..that sounds so cool yet so bad for the heart.



Until next time mes amis! Au revoir!


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