Happy Spring Break ya’ll! But its supposed to snow tomorrow….so……. This week was full of excitement and stress. On Tuesday, March 17, I turned 20! Wow, no more teen years. They are now a past, and I now have a new decade to look forward too. But before I look too far into the future, … More SPRING BREAKKK

Tofu Bowl

Good Morning! Happy Sunday! So WOW, time flies. It is already March! Thats crazy and exciting! 🙂 As you can tell from all my “!”,  I am bit pumped because Spring Break is just around the corner. Also, my friend Olivia offers me some really healthy, good recipes that I can’t turn down. This is a … More Tofu Bowl

Hail to The Granola!

I have a HUGE tub of oatmeal….what to do?  What is make granola. . . with almonds, flax seeds (for added fiber), dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds. Like most commercial products that cover the shelves of our grocery stores that are highly processed, I wanted to make some granola without all that sodium, sugar, and … More Hail to The Granola!