Peanut Butter


It all started with a single peanut, or maybe a bag of unopened peanuts that were leftovers from a party. This bag of peanuts was just taking up pantry space for months; it was actually kind of annoying.

So me being a PEANUT BUTTER lover, I thought to myself, “hmmm, maybe I can try to make this peanut into peanut butter!”. The problem with the peanut butter in our local supermarkets is that it is full of empty calories, sugar, sodium, and hydrogenated oils, masking the true flavor of a peanut. Some companies claim that oil separation is natural, but it isn’t really, only if extra oil is added. I began to open all the peanuts in the bag, add some random seasoning, blend, and ta-daaaaaaa, I had some natural, nutrient dense, but weird-tasting peanut butter, and someone yelling at me for the mess I made (oops, sorry Mom). I went through many trials to perfect my peanut butter, and I am pleased to have the success I have now. What started as curiosity turned into a project, which contributes to the exposure I have now.

If anyone is interested in owning your own jar, please contact me. 🙂


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