Falafel Fun

On Saturday, August 1, it will be the mark of 5 weeks of being a pescatarian. I am an activist for animal rights and I love to take care of our environment, I kind of felt like a hypocrite eating meat from a violent, cruel, meat industry we may call farms, but are actually slaughter … More Falafel Fun

Channeling Julia Child: Supremes de Volaille a blanc

Bonjour mes amis! So this summer, I have decided to take a stab at Julia Child’s The French Chef Cookbook, and I am excited to go on this journey and share it with you!!  This cookbook contains recipes from her t.v. episodes and acts as a preliminary of her other book, Mastering the Technique of French Cooking. … More Channeling Julia Child: Supremes de Volaille a blanc


Happy Spring Break ya’ll! But its supposed to snow tomorrow….so……. This week was full of excitement and stress. On Tuesday, March 17, I turned 20! Wow, no more teen years. They are now a past, and I now have a new decade to look forward too. But before I look too far into the future, … More SPRING BREAKKK

Tofu Bowl

Good Morning! Happy Sunday! So WOW, time flies. It is already March! Thats crazy and exciting! 🙂 As you can tell from all my “!”,  I am bit pumped because Spring Break is just around the corner. Also, my friend Olivia offers me some really healthy, good recipes that I can’t turn down. This is a … More Tofu Bowl